Why Spark Hubs?

As we have been sharing and listening with our HW community over a period of time we have discovered how for many there are questions about how to start culture change or a shift in thinking in their own organisations or areas.

What can help are local SparkHub Igniters who can start the right conversations but can also grow an effective support network of people at a local level. We believe the Humanising Workplaces community can support SparkHub’s wherever they may be in the world with encouragement, feedback, offers of help and more.  We can supply SparkHub toolkits and other supporting material to help facilitate and structure thinking that will inspire, initiate and spark a change.

It can feel lonely sometimes when you are trying to be an initiator or champion of change in your own organisation and there will be times when you question what you are doing. Having a community of support is essential to call upon for help to provide guidance and direction where you need it.SparkHub Mugs

The idea behind the SparkHub approach is that every hub will be different and organic in the way that it develops and grows with ownership at the local level. There is no prescriptive approach to starting and running a SparkHub instead it is more about growing humanised workplaces locally and choosing supporting materials that are relevant for each specific Hub.

As a SparkHub Igniter and Pioneer one goal should be to find and develop other Spark Hub Igniters (Early Adopters) so that the workload is shared and the conversation gets louder.

As the pilot progresses we are discovering and signing up SparkHub Champions who are enthusiastic and committed pioneers willing to help support, coach and challenge those who are willing to take on the SparkHub Igniter role.

We will be sharing some of the key learning from the Pilot SparkHub with our HW linkedin group so if you are interested in finding out more from those ‘on the ground’ this will be a place to keep checking in on a regular basis.

Here is to real success and change as a result of SparkHub Pioneers making positive things happen across the globe.

If you’re interested in becoming a SparkHub Igniter

“I believe in change. I believe in the power it has to unite us and ignite us.” – Uzo Aduba