Our Mission

The world of work for too many people feels broken.

The business world is facing unprecedented levels of change and disruption.  Most organisations are hard-wired to resist change and preserve the status quo and continue to adhere to the old operating system.  Too many managers still treat people like objects or numbers.  People working in organisations don’t feel valued and they don’t feel cared for by managers.  Toxic cultures of fear and despair continue to exist which ultimately can destroy people.  There is a global crisis of leadership and widespread abuse of positional power.  Organisations remain mired in machine thinking and continue to treat people as cogs in the machine.

It’s little wonder that work for too many people has become inhumane.  It is a gloomy picture but there is hope.  Our mission is to infuse humanity into our organisations and inspire more people centred leadership.  This is how we’ll begin to heal our workplaces.  When we make work and workplaces better, people feel better.  When they feel better, they perform better.

Our mission is to bring this about ‘one conversation and one organisation at a time’.

“If we want people to fully show up, to bring
their whole selves including their unarmoured,
whole hearts…We have to be vigilant about
creating a culture in which people feel safe,
seen, heard and respected.”

From Dare to Lead by Brene Brown