Our Why
Inspire more human centered organisations and leadership
in order to build better workplaces.

Something Amazing is Happening!

A people centered movement has been building and growing from the humble roots of our Linkedin Group Humanising Workplaces that started nearly 2 years ago.

What has impressed and amazed us is the quality of conversations and articles posted and replied to by people from all walks of life in many different professions all over the world. The common draw and connection has been due to the simple message that the world of work feels broken and the problems and issues experienced by people in organisations comes in the main through the culture and behaviour’s people experience at work.  The exciting thing is that the world of work is dramatically changing and people are more willing to speak up and call out the things that are no longer acceptable and tolerated in our work places and society.

As time has moved on and the discussions on the group have grown and got louder, we have discovered that for many people they are looking for ‘whats next’, how do we move from just talking about the challenges to taking action and helping make positive change happen.

It has felt the right time now to create this webspace to grow a positive and action centered movement to create some good in this world and start to share more of the positive stories of organisations becoming more people centred.

We hope that if you are visiting here, because the subject is of interest, you will dive in and discover more about the Humanising Workplaces movement and keep coming back as we develop further and grow. One of our goals is to create a repository of tools and guides to help focus thinking and inspire to action to be part of this human centered mission. We look forward to hearing from you too and sharing your stories to inspire and encourage others. Go on, dive in, be in the Arena with us rather than observing from the cheap seats, it’s the only way to make change happen.

Kevin & Rob

Pioneers for Humanising Workplaces

“You can’t manage people. You can only inspire people. Leadership is part of the process of inspiring people.”

– Bob Chapman, Barry Wehmiller