Rob Coulston


People first, People at the heart of everything. That’s how I describe myself when asked what I do. It is where I have got my greatest satisfaction, connecting totally with my purpose of being on this planet.

I have spent most of my career mainly working in learning and development with a wide range of organizations over a period of 30+ years. In that time I have had the honour of developing many high performing teams and mentoring and coaching people to help them find their true potential. I have worked with leaders and managers at all levels on work that has related ultimately to building better cultures for their people.

The thing that has always fascinated me about organisations is the culture, the huge and humbling responsibility of being a leader and the amazing resourcefulness of people to deliver high levels of services in the most challenging circumstances. I have found that taking the time to build relationships and ultimately develop trust with others is where you really start to connect with people on a level beyond job descriptions and functions, you start to discover some truly amazing things and people can amaze and inspire you.

We may be all different in terms of skills, strengths, and personality but the fundamental truth is we are all human. I have the scars like all of us on the journey I am on and I have been broken and healed in equal measure. Life through experience and connection with others teaches us so much and yet at the same time is humbling.

We should constantly think about the legacy we leave with others, are we making a positive difference to other people’s lives through the work we do? I cannot think of anything more satisfying and uplifting.

Rob Coulston